July 16, 2007 10:32 PM

Week two of ICU ILP study abroad

Yesterday was a national holiday, but we were lucky and had the opportunity to take a midterm. whohoo! There was also a earthquake in a nearby prefecture. We were able to feel it though. shakeshakeshake. Quite similar to the Berkeley shakes. Ah. which reminds me. Non-Californians should learn about earthquake safety before they come to Berkeley. Quite important to know how to duck and where the safest parts of structures are.
Classes are quite intense. Three tests a week. 2 vocab, and one section/midterm test. It's a fast

pace so you need to know your stuff well. If you don't, like me since I haven't touched Japanese in years, you might have some trouble. But it's alright, you have plenty of time to study. mwahhaahah.
Thus far, I've been cooking for myself most of the time. It's convenient to do so, so I do. Good logic eh. Also, its much cheaper than buying all the time. Groceries are mostly reasonable, but fruit isn't. I miss the good ole Californian fruit with a passion. Oh.. I saw passion fruits in the market yesterday. It's an interesting item that I've never seen in the USA.

Two weekends from now, in Kamakura there will be Sumidagawa fireworks thing. I'm thinking of going, but it'll also be the last sale weekend. July is one of the sale months for the year. There's another one in December I think. Otherwise, nothing going on sale normally. Thus, if I want to get things, and I do, I better buy now.

On another note, I managed to find blogs of other people who had studied at ICU in the past. One here http://www.kazujapan.com/09-09-05.htm and I'm not sure if this person is actually at ICU, but I'll put her blog down too http://jsolomon.livejournal.com/12230.html

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