July 3, 2007 8:19 AM

What it's like in Berkeley (in no particular order):

Diversity is everywhere. People are generally polite. Lots of homeless
people, which is a shock at first. The few white people you meet
on campus will most likely be from some unexpected country. There's this
awesome grocery store called "Berkeley Bowl" (odd name) that has tons of
cheap produce. 2 botanical gardens within jogging distance: Tilden and UC
Bot Garden. Redwoods all over campus, Eucalyptus all over the hillsides.
Tons of nice places to go hiking: Huckleberry preserve, Redwood Park, and
5 others within a 10 minute drive of campus, and you can usually catch a
bus to most of them. Crime definitely catches people by suprize. Don't
leave your backpack sitting unattended in the library or sometone will
snag it. Get a secure lock for your bike. People ride bikes like crazy
everywhere around here. Tons of little cars, hardly see an SUV. Expect
to see people wearing clothes you thought people stopped making in the
1960's. Sensible Asians, burnt out hippies, artists selling their work on
Telegraph and bums harassing you for change at every intersection.
Incredible selection of international food. Every kind of food you can
think of, you'll find, and it'll be reasonably priced. North side of
campus: "Holy Hill" with a representative church or educational facility
for every religion and denomination that has had contact with the Western
world. Calm, peaceful streets that are steep. Sidewalk cafes shaded by
trees, an insane number of copy shops.

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