August 24, 2007 4:00 PM


Today I went to Caltopia. It's happening Saturday, too. You should go, too! Seems like everyone was making friends with the random people they were in line with at the various booths.

What is Caltopia? It's some sort of crazy welcome fair at the sports gym. They had games with prizes like stuffed animals and t-shirts, and vendors for every local company, handing out free stuff. People were walking away with bags crammed full with pointless junk, or priceless treasures. Some of it was actually useful! I was sure to grab only the stuff I'd use:

I picked up:
- Wooden 12" ruler
- Brown Cow blueberry-flavored yogurt
- 2 Cliff bars
- 1 slice of pizza and small drink (you actually have to go to a pizza place on Telegraph for this one.)
- post-its
- whistle and keychain
- Organic India brand Tulsi Ginger tea.
- Nicely-weighted clicky pen
- Pad of paper with magnet on the back for a grocery list
- 1 Whole Foods Market "Support Your Local Planet" button
- Bang trim from the Paul Mitchell School. They actually trimmed my hair there on the spot. Pretty fun. I liked my stylist. Now I have cute, long-ish bangs and a side part.

Check out what Caltopia has to offer you!

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