August 23, 2007 9:09 AM

Find the right On-Campus job!

Check out the Work Study job listings website to find the perfect on-campus job.

Here are some jobs currently available on campus for students who love plants!

Job Title: Lab Asst III
Hourly Rate: $ 14.01
Positions: 3
Start Date: When filled
Description: Horticultural tasks general garden maintenance.
Qualifications: past experience
My comment: For this job, looks like they need someone who is comfortable pulling weeds, mowing lawn, and all sorts of other tasks. The pay is good, too! $14.01/hour for 16 hours/week.

Job Title: Clerk
Hourly Rate: $ 12.50
Positions: 1
Start Date: When filled
Description: Working in the Giannini Foundation Library of Agricultural Economics:
1. assist in card catalog revision--pulling cards
2. searching library database and routing current journals to faculty and staff
3. delivering and retrieving materials from departmental offices
4. searching Melvyl for books
5. revising reserve files--pulling printed journal files off the shelf, comparing them to a printed list
6. other library projects as needed
1. meticulous attention to detail
2. typing/basic computer skills
3. knowledge of the Melvyl database a plus
4. Library experience a plus
My comment: If you like libraries and plants, this is the place for you. The pay is pretty good for this one, too! $12.50/hour for 10-15 hours/week.

Job Title: Science, Nutrition and GardeningTeacher
Employer: Oakland Based Urban Garden (OBUGS)
Hourly Rate: $ 13.40
Positions: 2
Start Date: 9/17/2007 ending possibly before, but no later than 5/22/2008
Description: Teach Kids Gardening, Science, and Cooking! OBUGS is looking for students to teach K-5th grade garden-based classes. What is OBUGS? OBUGS, Oakland Based Urban Gardens, is a West Oakland-based nonprofit organization founded in 1998. Our mission to build healthy communities through programs offered to children, youth and families in a network of neighborhood gardens, green spaces and farmers’ markets. What We Do: OBUGS built and maintains four food-producing gardens in West Oakland. The gardens are used primarily for hands-on educational activities for children. We are looking for teacher assistants for the following programs:
1. In-School: Children in our in-school program learn about science, ecology, and nutrition. They do hands-on activities in the garden to support each day’s lesson.
2. After-School: Participants help plant, harvest, and maintain the gardens. They also practice healthy cooking, do art projects, and play aerobic games. The job: The job is 8 - 16 hrs./week. A one-semester commitment is mandatory.Students will work with a lead teacher to prepare for and teach the in-school and after-school classes. Students will have regular meetings with the supervisor to ensure they benefit from their time with OBUGS.
This job offers student employees: • $13.40/hr • Real teaching experience • Organic agriculture experience • A stand-out resume builder • Help build your community • Free organic veggies • Time spent with some very cool kids
Qualifications: • Experience leading children
• Gardening, science, and nutrition knowledge
• Enthusiastic and fun-loving
• Highly dedicated, punctual, and responsible
• Ability to stay on task, highly organized
My comment: If you like to teach kids, and you like gardening, here's a great opportunity to combine all of your passions and do something worthwhile with your spare time. $13.40/hour 5-10 hours/week.

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Comments (2)

How is the OBUGS class on-campus? Sounds like you have to actually go to the school.

Posted by Victoria Eng | 2007-08-30

Oh! Hey, thanks for catching that. I thought I edited out that part about them being on campus. Oakland is close and the school looks pretty easy to get to via public transit. I definitely wouldn't count it out of my search, if I were looking.

Posted by Tina | 2007-08-30

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