August 8, 2007 11:06 PM

Good News!!!

Good News!!!

I just found out that I am no longer waitlisted for Chem 3A, even though I was still No. 104 on the waitlist yesterday. The department increases the enrollment limit from 480 to 625.

Here is some advice from Christina (another blogger for Fresh Faces) and Irene (GPB Peer Advisor) about signing up for classes. Oh, big thanks to both you for your comments to my previous entry.

Here are the classes that you should not try to wait until Phase II to sign up for:
Chem 3A & Chem 3AL
Chem 3B & Chem 3BL
Bio 1A & Bio 1AL
Bio 1B
R1A & R1B: They are filled up very quickly since the English/R&C requirement is one of the university general requirements. Plus the small class size, you probably won’t have a chance unless you are within the top 5 on the wait list.

If you want to take those lower-division science classes, but absolutely have to devote some of your precious 10.5 units to other classes in Phase I, at least sign up for the lab if it has separate lab components. Lecture is almost always guaranteed when you sign up in Phase II, even though you might be waitlisted.

Oh, Bio 1A & Bio 1AL maybe an exception. From what I read from the note at, it says that students must enroll in both 1A and 1AL at the same time. If you enroll in only 1A or 1AL during Tele-BEARS Phase I, you will be dropped at the start of Phase II (unless exempt). Enrollment only in 1A or 1AL does not guarantee enrollment in the other part of the course.

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