August 12, 2007 3:13 AM

Hakone - Japan

I went on my first trip outside of Tokyo today. It was quite fun, but tiring. Two Japanese students led six overseas students. We went to Hakone, which is known for its hot springs. Our youth hostel had its own hot spring water, so we bathed at night and in the morning there. We also went to this classes onsen (hot spring) place. They had six pools and a sauna on the girls' side. It was weird in the beginning bathing with all the other women...but I got used to it after a while. (Swimming suits not allowed.) I stink like sulfur now though.
Then we went up on a Rope Way (cable car ride) to the top of the Hakone Mountains. There, we got to see the steaming sulfur pools and eat the black sulfur eggs. Quite interesting. The legend is that if you eat one egg, you gain 7 years, and if you eat 2 eggs, you gain 14 years to your lifespan. Eat more than that...and there are no guarantees. I've attached a youtube video link for you to see our mountain hiking trip. Enjoy. It's very simple.

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