August 26, 2007 4:21 PM


This is my first post ever as a CNR Fresh Faces Blogger. Whoa.
Well, i guess i'll start off by saying hi. Hi!!
I'm assuming that those of you reading this have never heard of me or seen me around before, so I guess i'll do a quick intro about myself. My name is Angela and I am an incoming freshman, class of 2011. I am undeclared in CNR, but i am really interested in nutritional sciences and am going to take nutrition 10 this week (eek! the first day of school starts tomorrow!)
So what have i been doing during my first week as a college student? This past week was welcome week and I got to meet people from all over the country, but mostly from somewhere in california. A few of the events i have been to already were Caltopia, Calapalooza, hall meetings, convocation, UHS opening, and the CNR meeting this past wednesday.

At Calapalooza, I got tons and tons of...flyers. There were booths representing special interest groups; everything from band to rowing to writing to tutoring to fencing to religion to frats and sororities. Caltopia was similar in the fact that there were TONS of organizations, except it happened in the RSF and there was some incredibile FREE stuff there! I got tons of granola bars, snacks, coupons, and MILK of all things! I must admit, that all-natural chocolate milk that a whole bunch of booths were giving out was pretty darn good!
Well, right now, i'm going to find my classes on campus. Hopefully i'll add more to this blog later =]

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Comments (2)

Welcome to the blog, Angela!

Posted by Tina | 2007-08-28

Welcome Angela! I hope you liked your first session of NS 10. Did you know that's often Berkeley's largest class?

Posted by Cyril | 2007-08-28

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