August 19, 2007 11:09 PM

Moved in...yay!

I'm so excited to be finally be moved in. I'm way excited for welcome week to start. I'm nervous about my schedule because I am on a waitlist for one class. I don't think being 11 on the list is too bad. I have friends who are 99 for some of their psych glad I changed majors. Oh so I had breakfast with some friends from Vally Rock gym today and my friend is going to grad school for sustainable international development, which I thought was very interesting. I tried to spend my summer talking with teachers, friends, and whoever else I meet who is in the field of environmental jobs/school. There is such a wide range of fields to pursue with CRS as a major, at least according to my professional expertise.

I will say that it's kinda spooky to sleep in a new house all alone. Some nights my room mates are home and so not. I think it's just weird because I'm not used to the place. I grew up with a dad that traveled so being on my own isn't new, it's just being in a new place that throws me off. Oh yah and my friends think it's funny to make up the "ghost" in my place. I'll post tomorrow about the official day one of welcome week.

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