August 12, 2007 11:35 AM

No Need for Spinach. I got Enough Irony in my Veins.

Firstly, Christina's friend. Nobody should have to lose a friend at this part of life. I offer my deepest, most sincere sentiments. I know what you are feeling.

In the same way I began my two weeks at Berkeley summer session, so thus I end my Berkeley summer session - with nobody living in the dorms. Everyone seemed to be Session D or something like that and they all filed out on Friday. This means that I can now walk around the place in a bathrobe with alot less apprehension, but unfortunately I still cannot find the light switch for the fixtures in the halls. They make for terrible shocks in early morning "draining the lizard" runs.

I have a week left before I take my Chinese final and then move out of the dorms right into the apartment that I have been slowly moving things into for the past three weeks. I won't be home for Welcome Week - as Lilo from Lilo and Stich always says, "Ohana means family." So I will be Ohaning for a well deserved week. I pray to everyone and everything necessary to get through this course with an A.

This coming semester is going to be a beauty. I have no class on Monday or Friday. Whatsoever. Isn't that amazing? I have 17 units (pending URAP) and yet no class on Monday/Friday and not on a single wait list. Life is good.

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Comments (1)

Wow! Mondays/Fridays free, and not a single wait list? Now there's a well-worked schedule.

Posted by Tina | 2007-08-13

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