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Perfecting that Resume & Cover Letter

What's a Resume? Well, it's something that American high school and college students write a lot of! You'll need one to apply to that part-time campus dream job.

What's a Cover Letter? A letter no longer than one page that entices folks to read your resume.

Here's an example of a resume, from this helpful website:

Key elements to a resume:
- Education. What high school did you attend? What university are you now attending? What is your major field of study? What is your GPA?
- Work Experience.
- Volunteer Experience.
- Hobbies. This is where you get to mention gardening, painting, or whatever you love to do. Hobbies don't have to be directly related to the job you're looking for, they can just be a conversation-starter for your interviewer.
- Keep it short. Since they're reviewing sometimes hundreds of resumes, 1 page is all they have time to read.

So, write one up! When you've finished, have people look at it. Lots of people! Before you use your resume, it is very important that you catch all the little glitches. It's also important that you know if it's appropriate for the position you're applying for.

People to proofread your resume:

The folks at the UC Berkeley Career Center! Here's a link:
Their Peer Advisors are great.

Also, don't hesitate to ask the kind ladies at the CNR Student Resource Center front desk. While they don't have the intense training in resume-making like the advisors at the Career Center, they can still help you catch basic typos. If you print your resume out in the Resource Center computer lab, you can ask them to give it a look-over right there before heading over to your appointment with a peer advisor at the Career Center.

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Comments (1)

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