August 14, 2007 11:54 AM

Response to interest in CRS

So before I drove 8 hours into the less fortunate half of California someone left a comment about CRS as a major. Well now that I'm in civilization I will make my official response. So I'm a transfer student at Berkeley and this fall will be my first year there, so I hope what little knowledge I have helps. I did however take a class through a concurrent enrollment program and loved it. I was so nervous that students would treat me different because I wasn't a "real" Cal student, and I was sooo wrong. Everyone was nice to me. I loved my teacher (Sally Fairfax), and my GSI, and all of the students. I still keep in touch with some of them. It really allowed me to get a feel for the college. The really nice thing about our college, CNR, in general no matter what your major is, is that it defiantly has a small feel to it. Now in regards to the major itself and why I choose it.

I choose CRS because it is interdisciplinary and I can focus on what I want. It's not a broad over view of the topics, and since I personally feel like there are so many environmental issues I'd prefer to excel in one area. The people I know in my major are focusing on such a wide range of issues, more policy oriented to ecosystems and even business related. Also if you look at the schedule of classes for fall (go to and search under Environmental Science and Political Management), you can get an idea of the type of classes that are available.

I hope this was helpful and keep checking back in as school will be starting soon and I'm sure I'll have lots more to say then.

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