August 6, 2007 2:38 PM

Schedule, Schedule and Schedule

I just had my Tele-BEARS Appointment for Phase II Appointment this morning. And I was at no surprised to find out that I am No. 104 on the waitlist for Chemistry 3A (the lecture part). Plus, the waitlist of ESPM 50AC, a class I really want/have to take, is full so that I cannot even add myself to the waitlist.

I do not intend to complain since
1). I know my Phase II appointment is late
2). People will drop classes during the first few weeks
3). I was able to enroll in Biology 1B, English R1A and Chemistry 3AL(the lab part) during Phase I
3). Maybe I should just have a 3-course workload for Fall 2007

But I am still a bit annoyed and frustrated…

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Comments (3)

Oh dear, that's horrible. Chem 3A is one of those classes that you NEED to sign up for in Tele-bears phase 1 if you're going to take it in a given semester. To keep in mind for later, these are the ones you should NEVER EVER wait until Phase 2 to sign up for: Chem 3A Chem 3AL Chem 3B Chem 3BL Bio 1A Bio 1B + any other class where you might run into pre-meds or transfer students.

Posted by Tina | 2007-08-06

I thought I would be fine since I got into the lab part in Phase I. Plus, I did not realize that there are so many people just taking the lecture part. Well, cross my fingers in hoping that I still have a chance. Anyway, thanks for the heads up and I will definitely follow your advice in the future.

Posted by Yang | 2007-08-06

Hi Yang, Don't worry about not getting into Chem 3A lecture because chances are that you will get in since you got into lab. My advice to you almost parallels Christina's: sign up for all the classes that fill up fast (ie all the lower division ones). For Chem and Bio 1A that have separate lab components, definitely sign up for lab first. Lecture is almost always guaranteed when you sign up in Phase II even though you might be waitlisted. I hope you get into all of your classes! And yes, I know how frustrating Telebears and scheduling for classes are. Plus, I think that 3 course load will keep you really busy. Maybe sign up for a decal or something interesting and fun. Is Peterson teaching 3A? He’s really good. And I hope you enjoy Professor Carlson’s lectures on the plant biology in Bio 1B. Best wishes, Irene, GPB Peer Advisor

Posted by Irene | 2007-08-07

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