August 26, 2007 11:55 PM

End of Summer Sessions Program

The end of my Summer Sessions Program in Tarragona, Spain ended of course with more adventures! We arrived at the airport at 4:00am and our flight back to San Francisco was scheduled for 12:10pm. The check-in and gate information on the boards/screens lagged and the information that we finally found was wrong and we ended up missing our flight and were forced to stay an extra day in the airport.

So let me backtrack a little. After our program ended we traveled a little bit.
I wanted to go to the Basque Region to visit the Guggenheim in Bilbao which I think has one of the most interesting and beautiful buildings with titanium panels but there were seemed to be a lot of buzz about ETA and terrorist activity and some of the locals warned against the trip.
Instead, we first went to Geneva and attended the Geneva Festival. The people were friendly, the air was crisp and the weather was nice and warm; it was all so beautiful. We visited the United Nations buildings, where we met an Arabic translator and were able to examine such details as the doorknobs, which were originally from the League of Nations.We were also able to watch performers such as the French rap artist Doc Gynéco. We also met the CEOs of Christian Aid and Muslim Aid. After our trip to Geneva we went to Paris, France watched the Eiffel Tower sparkle in the summer night sky, visited the Louvre, and took a tour of the city.

And finally I am home, adjusting to the time and getting ready for school. Already!

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