August 10, 2007 12:02 AM

Watermelon and Grades

So here in Japan, they have fun with watermelons. They blindfold a person, spin them around, and verbally guide them to a watermelon that they have to crack with a stick. The point is not to smash the watermelon, because you waste watermelon that way. It's just to crack it so that you have a cutting point for your knife. Yummy Watermelon. Funny people. mwahahah. Sticky hands.

On the other hand, we learned yesterday in UC Orientation that... you should never do what your Japanese classmates do. In Japan, grades for your Japanese classmates don't matter. There's no GPA, so they don't care if they get a C. On the other hand, that would be painful for us UC students. There was this story of a cocky UCB student who decided that he didn't need to go to classes. The entire grade was based on a final paper. Yet... when the final day came and he was to turn in his paper, his professor would not accept it. Evidently, there was this 4 letter word in Kanji that means assumed attendance. You have to attend classes. He'd missed 10/13 classes. He got an F. Professors here don't mind giving out Ds and Es (what we would say are Fs). It doesn't hurt the student here... but since everything transfers back... one would say that all you can do is cry if you're in that situation.

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