August 1, 2007 1:36 AM

Yeah..I am already taking out my first aid kit!

I am really excited for fall 2007 because that will be the start of my official term as Healthworker for my sorority. If you haven't already lived in the dorms and met with many healthworkers or at leats heard about the healthworker program during CalSo then I'll fill you in quickly. Basically the Healthworker program is a division of the Tang center and is an efficient and student-run way to ensure safety and health awarness among the Berkeley students. There is a healthworker assigned to every sorority and fraternity house, every other floor in dorms, every co-op and in the Berkeley community. Healthworkers are chosen through an extensive application and interview process and then undergo a week training in the fall and spring semester plus they enroll in a Berkeley weekly class. Healthworkers are CPR and first aid certified and continuously learn about health related issues, health solutions, and the safety of college students. In additon to assisting anyone with basic medical needs, the healthworker is responcible for spreading awarness about health. As a sorority healthworker I have to always be on the look out for new health issues among my sisters including issues like stress, drinking, drugs, and safe sex. If a new problem arises or increases I am responcible for making presentations about prevention methods to my house. The healthworker job is full time 24/7 and is non-paid for a full year. A healthworker carries a lot of responcibilities but comes out in the end with a lot of knowledge and experience. You don't necessarly have to be a science major or pre-med to be a healthworker you just have to be dedicated, deciplined, committed, hardworking, responcible, approchable, and professional.

The healthworker program has been extremely successful and popular in Berkeley since its establishment in 1971. Only a handfull of schools have a program similar to the Healthworker program and Berkeley's program is often praised by other schools for its great impact and sucess!

I am really excited to start my fall training August 11th-16th before welcome week. If you are interested in the healthworker program for next year visit the UHS website or shoot me any questions and I'll be happy to answer them or direct you as best as I could.

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