September 3, 2007 6:24 AM

A new dorm life

I moved into my new dorm on Saturday. I have a huge room shared with a roommate. Nice. Imagine...a room double the size of the average Foothill room. Ahhh. The room was badly designed though. The closets are unmovable and in a sucky location. It's a long room so there is much wasted space since each person is lined up against the side. Wide rooms are preferable for shared rooms. Anyways, they have lots of sockets... YAY! I have 10 sockets just to myself. =) Good design.

There is an active dorm community here. From Thursday of this week to Thursday of next week, we have to wear the same costume every day. On Friday, we have to do a 5 min dance on their version of Sproul. Every night this week we have a gathering with one of the other dorms. The daytime is full of meetings.

Welcome Ceremony.
We had an awesome welcome ceremony where each person had their name called and stood up. It was... awesome. There is something about having your name read and being welcomed that gives you a fuzzy feeling of community. No pictures allowed of the ceremony though. There was a pledge that we all had to sign at the ceremony. Coolness. hahaha. At the welcome ceremony, I met a girl who had read this blog. Awesome... ^^ HIIIIIII.

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Comments (1)

Hey Kristin,

It's really cool that you're continuing to blog while you're in Japan.

I was just looking on the internet for tips on traveling to Tokyo, and thought I'd read some of your old posts for any useful tidbits. Your Capital One advice was perfect!!

Keep up the great blogs!
(I work at CNR with Eva)

Posted by Cyril | 2007-09-03

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