September 14, 2007 12:06 AM

AOI...yes all CRS majors will have to face this

AOI, for anyone who isn't familiar with all the acronyms Berkeley has to offer is Area of Interest. One of the best parts about being a CRS major is that you get to pick what area you want to study/focus on..or is it? Yes for all you indecisive people like me who keep the waitress at the table with those needless which dish do you like better'll feel my pain. I've always been indecisive, which was my excuse for keeping my room messy in high school (I'd pull out 5 shirts before I would pick one). Back to the AOI. So the first day of class we were asked to fill in the blank...what do you want to study?? Before I transferred to Cal people would ask me that same question and I replied with...

"I just wanna hug trees" because I had no clue what area interested me most. I love everything...yes that does sound cliché but I would just as happy doing urban ecology as I would studying wetlands. I thought that I had all semester to finally decide what I wanted to study but I was have about 5-6 weeks to hammer out your final AOI. So my advice is to not think like me (I'll have all semester to figure it out) and find an area that really interests you. It definitely is one advantage of this major that very few other colleges offer a program like ours. I was looking at pre reqs for UCSD and I would have needed atmospheric chemistry and environmental chemistry. I don’t know about you, but I think all the lower division chemistry was enough for me. So really do embrace how lucky we are to have such an amazing self guided program...and start thinking about what else you like to do other than hug trees to prepare for you AOI.

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Comments (1)

I had no idea you were doing this! What a surprise when I just trying to look up what classes I still need to take to declare! See you tomorrow.

Posted by Andrea Hardlund | 2007-10-08

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