September 19, 2007 12:00 PM

Declaring an ESPM major?

Are you considering declaring an ESPM major? ESPM stands for Environmental Science Policy and Management, and the department offers four majors: Conservation and Resource Studies (CRS), Forestry and Natural Resources (FNR), Molecular Environmental Biology (MEB), and Society and Environment (SE). Before you declare you need to attend a workshop before or after Tele-bears (I recommend before)...

The workshop will explain more about ESPM majors and policies to help you graduate on time. You can review your petition or change major/college as well as simultaneous degree petitions with an advisor and turn it in as well.

Maire Lanigan and Emilie Dandan, ESPM Advisors, will be speaking. Available dates:

Thurs, 10/4, 3:30-5pm
Thrus, 10/11 3:30-5pm

Wed, 11/4, 3:30-5pm
Tues, 11/20 3:30-5pm
Wed, 12/5 3:30-5pm

Note: For CRS majors, please time your workshop to coincide with the term you take ESPM 90: Intro to CRS. ESPM 90 may not be taken prior to the spring of sophmore year.

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Comments (2)

Hi Tay, Im currently a senior in high school and was considering declaring ESPM as my major on my application. Would you know if these workshops are open to applicants as well so that i could get a better understanding of the program before i apply? I was looking into attending the workshop on the 20th... Thanks for your help. Danielle Moultak

Posted by Danielle Moultak | 2007-11-18

I recommend visiting CNR in Spring 2008 on Cal Day. That would be a better venue. The information provided at the ESPM workshops are more aimed towards explaining specific policies that probably aren't what you're curious about.

Posted by Tay F | 2007-11-28

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