September 2, 2007 11:34 PM

Farming. Gunma. Japan.

I had two weeks off, so I went to Gunma and worked for a farm family through WWOOF. It is a work for food/housing thing. Since I do not have a work permit, that was pretty decent. I worked at the food stand at Asama National Park and at the cabbage farm harvesting cabbage.

So I wisely volunteered for farm work. As a result I am in pain... Cabbage cutting was painful until I adopted a sit on trough and cut. Move cabbage. Scooch forward. Repeat. Much easier on the back. cabbages are heavy. Really heavy. From the second day though, we needed to move faster, so I could not do my sit scooch thing. AHRGH PAIN.

One night, I finish dinner first and I volunteer to cut the peaches. I cut. It tastes quite like American peaches (turns out that the white peaches in CA originate from Japan), but is much more difficult to pry apart. I bruise the end and apologize for the ugliness. When I serve, people are talking about American style, and I assume that they are talking about the bruises. Ten minutes into eating peaches, I notice that no one else is eating the skin.... turns out that Japanese people do not eat peach skin. Fuzzy goodness! Anyways, a couple of them decide to try out the skin. heheheh.

So today I went back to the food stand because it was raining this morning, and we did not have enough raincoats and boots. We find out that the emperor is driving by! So we go out and wait and see him drive by and wave! No camera, but I do have my cell, so I snap a picture of his head and the queen's hand. wheee.

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