September 18, 2007 11:59 PM

First few days in Moorea

Well, we're here! Moorea is a truly beautiful island. And this program is just incredible! 22 undergrads learning how to become scientists. Goodness - the past few days have been a complete rush. No time to sit and rest- much less check e-mails and do research. Oh, but it's a good busy.
Before we left for the island, we had a few weeks of class where we learned what to expect from the island. During those few weeks, we did preliminary research on potential projects, went on a field trip to the Bodega Marine Lab, took a swimming and snorkeling examination, wrote a paper, and took our midterm. That coursework was mingled in with hunting down supplies, getting our visas, and all the other hassle that comes along with making sure we can leave the country safely.

Coming up on Moorea by boat, from Tahiti

Now that we're on the island, we've had a great time.
Monday we went on a tour of the island. Dr.Jerry Lipps and Dr. Carol Hickman gave us a geological tour of Moorea, from the estuaries, to the basalt mountains and the coral reefs. Beautiful!

Today we visited one of the Motus of Moorea. They're tiny coral islands off the coast of Moorea. Since the motu we visited was isolated from tourism, we were able to see how very close the fish would come to the shore -within feet, all happy and healthy. On the way there, we stopped to snorkel with domesticated stingrays, little sharks, and fish along the small barrier reef that surrounds the island. We also caught glimpse of a humpback wale from the boat on the way back to the station. Goodness - what a good day.

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Comments (7)

It's so great that you are having a blast! Especially love the pictures that you have posted. Hopefully you won't be too consumed with research and the beauty of the island to stop posting. :)

Posted by Irene | 2007-09-19

Awesome photos!

Posted by Tay F | 2007-09-19

So... how does one domesticate a stingray?

Posted by Eric | 2007-09-19

Wow, there are times I regret majoring in Medieval History...

Posted by Eva | 2007-09-19

One "domesticates" stingrays by feeding them every day. They swim right to a slowing boat if they think they might get some fish.

Posted by Tina | 2007-09-19

what program are you doing this through? how did you find out about this amazing opportunity?

Posted by Erin Martin | 2007-09-20

WOW! Hmm, I wonder if I can study Econ (EEP) at Moorea! lol! Those are awesome pictures btw! Wow...again!!

Posted by Juan | 2007-09-20

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