September 4, 2007 10:58 PM

First week is over...15? more to go...

Wow so the first week was everything I did and didn't expect it to be. What I expected prior to starting class: lots of reading, being sooooo excited, enjoying having class at 2:00, finally getting into details of environmental issues that were broadly mentioned in lower division classes, expensive textbooks, and the joy of sitting around between classes on Cal's lawns.
Didn't expect: how nice everyone was, getting my car keyed (very crappy), how truly comfortable the CNR couches are, 25 page term paper, everyone talks in acronyms ( I even almost abbreviated many phrases in typing this), getting into a class being number 56 on the waitlist, CNR really does a "smaller" feel to it, and how much I miss my dog. Now let's recap what I've learned...

I feel like so much has happened in about a week. I think keeping an open mind is important in starting new classes. Some professors (this is only my personal opinion) used the scare tactic to get people to drop. I think that students should at least go to the 2nd class before deciding to drop or not. Another thing in relation to keeping an open mind was rushing. I think I shocked my friends, coworkers, and dog by deciding to go Greek. I kept an open mind throughout the whole process and absolutely loved all the people I met. It provides a great opportunity for students to find a niche in such a large school. I've meet a several awesome girls in my chapter that happen to be in some of my groups! I've even kept in touch (yes for a whole week) with girls from other chapters that are in my classes. Rushing alone is a great opportunity to meet people and to decide whether or not Greek is for you. Oh and one more very repetitive thing...LOCK you bike and don't leave it in your backyard. I've had a few friends who already have had their bikes stolen.

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