September 17, 2007 12:33 PM

Freshman 15?!

When I first came to Berkeley, I hiked (yes, hiked) through campus to go everywhere. As I walked uphill to my friends' dorm in Foothill, I was literally huffing and puffing. Side note: Has anyone ever wondered why Foothill is called Foothill? Because, honestly, it's not at the foot of a hill. It's on top of a hill. How devious of the people who named that dorm. Anyways, I was totally sure that Freshman 15 would be a total myth to me....

Three weeks later....the myth might have a chance of becoming reality.

Now, instead of walking all the way up to Pimentel, I take the 52L. It saves quite a bit of walking, but cuts back the exercise. Oh, and food? Yes. I don't have a meal plan, but I've gone to a few DCs with my friends. So far, I think Crossroads has the most selection and the best food. I literally stuff myself when I go there. Besides stuffing myself at the DCs, I always buy snacks at the conveniently located stores that are all over Cal's campus. I'm quite sure I'm not the only who's been tempted to buy snacks during the day, but will Freshman 15 be the result of our indulgences? I hope not.

Advice: Refrain from buying snacks. Snack food is really appealing while you're doing your homework, but you can never control how much you're eating (well, at least, I can't XD) Don't stuff yourself at the DCs. Only one serving of dessert...and don't forget to eat salad!!!

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Comments (1)

i wish you'd told me this earlier, vic. why couldn't you enlighten me BEFORE i gained my freshman 15? ;)

Posted by Albert | 2008-01-11

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