September 27, 2007 10:37 PM

hello hello!

hi =] right now it's 10:37 and i am taking a break from studying italian in the academic learning center in unit 3. If you're reading this and you live in unit 3, i strongly suggest you check it out! It's this really awesome study space underneath cafe 3, by the mailboxes, and it's basically study heaven (as nerdy as that may sound). I discovered this place last week when i started studying for my nutrisci midterm which was two days ago. my FIRST midterm ever. wow it feels weird to say that; I'm still getting used to the fact that i'm a college student taking college courses, living in a college dorm.
So today, I went to an informational meeting today about being a calso counselor. For those of

you who don't know, or forgot, what calso is, it's the summer orientation for parents, transfers, and incoming freshman coming to cal. If i were a calso counselor, I would be one of the leaders who are tour guiding/answering questions/ facilitating activities, etc. for the program. I've been wanting a job for a while, and I've been considering for a long time whether or not i want to apply. Here's why: It's a lot of commitment. a LOT. First off, if you are selected as a counselor, you are automatically enrolled in a class for all of second semester. When summer starts, you are drilled through a 2 week intensive training program, then the actual orientation lasts for 9 weeks (or maybe it's 7 weeks of counseling and 2 weeks of drilling? i forget..) This means most of my june and july will be spent here at cal. It sounds like a really good experiencing, hearing what the past calso counselors have had to say about the experience, but one reason why I am a little insecure about applying is that i feel i'm a little behind on my coursework and was considering taking summer session here. I say this because i originally intended to take chemistry, math, and english this semester to get some of my basic undergrad requirements out of the way... but i'm actually not taking either of them because i had a lot of scheduling difficulties when i was signing up for classes (eek! i know, i'll sign up for them next semester!!)
But anyway, as i was saying, I was really considering becoming a counselor because 1) It sounds like a purposeful way to spend the summer and 2) who doesn't like making money? I've done a few counseling programs beofore at summer camps (i've been a science camp counselor for my high school for 2 years, a church camp for 2 years, and a summer camp for 1 summer). They were all a lot of fun, but each camp I lead a group of kids around ten years old for one week; this time I would be leading different groups of teenagers and parents for a whole 9 weeks! now that would definitely be a different experience for me. Whatever happens, I hope I make a good use of my summer =]

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