September 10, 2007 9:35 PM

Jonathan Hath Returned; Bow Beforeth He

I try to keep writing from time to time but there are just so many more bloggers here now. It is amazing that they still let me write in here. I am waiting for the day I get that email telling me, Please Jonathan. No more. We can't take anymore of your insane rants. Have you checked yourself recently for any mental illnesses?

The voices in my head tell me that I am fine but I think I should resort to a second opinion.

So how is my year so far? I have started an internship in San Francisco recently and I commute there every Monday and Friday and work there from 9 to 4. The hours seem to be a bit overkill but let's see how they work out first. I got some nice stamina so let's see if I hold up. If I don't write here for a couple weeks, it's not cause I don't care about all two of you who read my syphilic rantings, but it is because I am coming straight home and then straight to bed. Exhaustion is my new wife and I sleep with her all of the night.

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Comments (1)

Jonathan, you're posts are wonderful and keep me laughing (busting up in the quiet library not so good, but eh oh well)

Posted by nikki | 2007-10-04

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