September 14, 2007 7:01 PM

Microsoft Office Ultimate Steal

Until April 30th, Microsoft is selling Office 2007 for $60 to university students. That is really cheap compared to the $150 Home/Student Version. For y'all out there with the illegal/free/downloaded/key-hacked version, this is your chance at becoming a good cit. (And for y'all out there who are saying that "it doesn't hurt anyone" you know that that's just plain BS.) Along with the Deal, there is also a blog contest going on. Thus:
This blog is part of the Microsoft “The Ultimate Steal” Blogging Contest. Go to for details.
How would I use Microsoft Office for? As students, we've been living off of Word since birth. The Word 2007 lets me: word process my labs and research papers; manipulate my documents; and create nice looking pamphlets easily. Sure, I could probably make nicer looking pamphlets with Photoshop or something, but it’s just more instinctive with Word for me.
Then there's PowerPoint with which I can create awesome presentations. While people really want to learn about sarin, dioxin, or one of the other toxins in my Toxicology class, people also zone out fast. With interesting animations to maintain interest my professor will be awake enough to give me the decent grade I deserved. Also, with the main points on the PowerPoint, I don't have to deal with people saying "Can you repeat that?"
Ah. And finally Excel. Excel 2007 brings a higher powered calculation masterpiece. I can create my graphs, compare data, input data, calculate calculations, and basically analyze my data in every sort of way with Excel 2007. Even fuzzies (humanities majors) need Excel! E.g. History: calculating the mortality in a war or something.
Office 2007 will enable me to dynamically excel in my academic studies. I can’t imagine life before Office at all. Were those the Notepad days?

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Comments (1)

Good find there! Microsoft is great at price discrimination. Instead of simply lowering the price to a more competitive level, they're offering this price for a limited time to people whom happened to hear about it through their promotional channels or word of mouth/internet/etc. For those who haven't already paid MS's monopoly price, or for those who won't, they're this program capture additional revenue from users who normally aren't willing to pay $150. Sometimes Microsoft offers super cheap discounted academic licenses through their MSDNAA, Student Select, and Student Option programs. It's only available to limited groups. For example, EECS majors or students in an EECS class can score MS Office 2007 for <$20 in media costs through MSDNAA: and

Posted by Tay F | 2007-09-19

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