September 25, 2007 9:29 PM

Midterm Butterflies

Hey! I know everyone's probably pretty busy around this time...midterm time! So far I've had a Chemistry 1A midterm and a Math 1A midterm. The Math 1A midterm was today. Have you ever put down an answer, think about it, change it, and it turns out that your first answer was right? I always do that. I know I've missed a problem on my math midterm already. :( Yes, I just needed to rant about it, so bear with me. *sigh* It was such an easy problem and I was going to put the correct answer! Then, I counter-guessed myself and put down a wrong answer. Oh, well. There's still one more midterm and a final, so hopefully I'll still be able to get a good grade in the class overall. I really really hope so! Good luck to the rest of you on your midterms!!!

Advice: Go with your first instinct! It's usually right! Don't change it unless you're absolutely certain that your first answer is wrong.

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