September 12, 2007 8:20 PM

RSF (from The Gym)

So I finally got a chance to get to the gym today (Wednesday). I had been planning on a Monday debut...but things didn't work out the way I had planned (and that is a story for another day...or perhaps never, lol--it just depends on how I feel I guess)....

Anyway...I went to the RSF and it was lots of fun (for the most part)! I didn't know what to expect so I just went with open arms so to speak (I was carrying a bag with my clothes in it) . Getting in was easy and kind of cool. I just "swiped" my Berkeley ID card in front of a bar code reader and I was let in.

Toward the back is where the lockers are at. You get a complimentary lock (which I couldn't open at first, lol) for the day or however long you stay (The lock has to be off by some certain time--whenever they close I presume).

Anyway, I got all my stuff together and headed to the main area of the RSF. The "lobby" area is pretty cool with computers and a little convenience store and stuff. I spent time at the cardio area where there were lots of treadmills and ellipticals. So I ran a little bit and then went to the weight room. The machines in the cardio area were pretty good...though when I was trying to increase the speed/pace of my run, toward the end of my workout, I hit the damn stop yea that totally killed the momentum. No worries. I was done a couple of minutes later and decided to check out the weight room (s).

I went on a cloudy/foggy day so I'm not sure how the weight rooms usually look, but they were a little dark for my taste. The equipment was pretty good; they had a good selection of stuff--free weights, machines, etc. There is an adjoining weight room right next door, but a couple of minutes before I went in a class pilled in to one of them.

Then there was the locker room, post-workout. This brought back many high school memories. It totally reminded me of being in the locker rooms for PE in high school (except for the naked guys, lol--not too many did that in high school). The area was spacious and the facilities were good. Then came time to take a shower. I'd never been in a 'communal' shower but I was sweaty and just went for it. There weren't many people but there was this one guy who was pretty (ugly) fat. I'll spare you the details as I try to rid my mind of them as well.

I was on a time constraint so didn't have a chance to check everything out. It was real nice overall, especially for $10! Ok...bye :-) lol

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