September 8, 2007 10:30 PM

Scheduling Nightmare

I've always heard that scheduling was a nightmare, but my schedule seemed to work out perfectly. All my classes were evenly distributed throughout the week, averaging about 3 lectures/discussions per day. Sweet, no?

Since I'm premed (forgot to mention this in my first post...), I have to take a year of math. So, of course, I opted for the easier calculus course: Math 16. Then...

The Nightmare:

On the second day of school, I freaked out because my friend told me that premeds are supposed to take Math 1, not Math 16. So....I sent an email to the Plant and Microbial Biology advisor Marjorie Ensor, asking if Math 16 fulfilled the math requirement for premeds...but,

unfortunately, I didn't wait for her to reply and went right ahead and dropped Math 16 for Math 1. Also, since I had to take Math 1, I had to drop my Gender and Women Studies 50AC (American Cultures) since it was at the same time as the Math 1A lecture.
So, I go to the Math 1A lecture (second math lecture that day...I went to the math 16a lecture that morning...a total of about 3 hours of math that day...*sigh*). After class, I check my email and Marjorie had replied! She said that Math 16 was okay for the math requirement for premeds! Oh, no! I couldn't switch back into either my Math 16A class or my AC class..I'd be about number 40 on the waitlist for both classes. So, now, I'm taking Math 1A and praying to the heavens that I don't fail. My AC class will have to wait for later semesters..


Don't listen to your friends about which courses you're required to take. Talk to an advisor. CNR has the best advisors without the long lines! That's what's so great about CNR. Unlike L & S, we at CNR don't have to wait two weeks to see our advisor. I've already been in to see Marjorie in person twice, without so much as a 5 to 10 minute wait. She was wonderful and totally awesome. Unlike what your friends tell you, what your advisor says is absolutely correct!

Anyways, hope the rest of you had a less painful time scheduling and good luck in the upcoming semesters! :)

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Comments (1)

whew, thanks for that! im taking math 16a, and i was "iffy" about it too. anyway, how's scheduling for you this spring? have you started to think about classes yet?

Posted by Chai | 2007-10-12

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