September 18, 2007 3:35 PM

Second year, twice as much fun!

I know it has been some time since I have posted a blog but I have a very good reason for that. Oh wait, no I used that excuse last year. Well, it's true...Berkeley is taking over my life and I never have free time to do anything any more...if dinner wasn't scheduled at my sorority house I would probablly never eat! This semester I am taking chem 3B, chem 3BL (no they are not the same class and yes they both have finals and seperate grades), math, public health (for my healthworker position), upper division arabic language, and upper division arabic philisophical texts. AND I started my first job ever at Bare Escentuals on 4th street because 1. I LOVE MAKE UP and doing make up on people 2. Its really hard to get into cosmetics if you haven't had lots of experince and so getting a job offer from them was rediculously amazing 3. I need to put something in the empty space under "work experience" on my resume so that I can apply to internships and medical school and not look like a complete non-responcible spoiled teenager. AND I am also pledging a pre-med sorority (Kappa Gamma Delta) AND I have my existing social sorority (Alpha Phi). Yeah, AND my parents are freaking out because they think they're never ever going to see me again which may be true to some extent. Yet I still have to admit it has been absoloutly FABULOUS not having class on Fridays and starting class at 1 on Mondays...and I also must admit that I work a lot better when I stretch myself really thin so this is going to benifit me rather than kill me. Well, it might kill me but at least I'll have accomplished a lot so it'll be a memorable death =)

So that's the 411 on my semester in a nuttshell. Hope you are having fun!

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Comments (1)

OMG ! what a busy girl :)

Posted by Abdullah Kassas | 2007-09-19

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