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What is SPUR?

It’s used by horseback riders, or those pretending to be on Halloween.
It’s a technical term in biology for an elongated sepal used to distinguish species within particular genera (ask your botany teacher, not me, I'm an economist paraphrasing wikipedia).
It’s a subsidiary summit of a parent mountain.
It’s a chain of steakhouses in South Africa (who knew?)
It’s an annual literary prize awarded by the Western Writers of America.
It’s a city in Texas.
Best of all it's a TLA (three letter acronym) for...

CNR’s Sponsored Projects for Undergraduate Research (SPUR) program! Yes that's right, someone hand that young student sitting at the computer a t-shirt! The deadline is TODAY at FIVE PM! Hurry up and submit your applications. Remember, student-initiated applications also need a hard-copy turned in by 5pm as well. If you’re looking for some extra units and experience in research, check out the faculty initiated projects. Even if you don’t apply this semester, you can get a feel for what is available later.

Some of my favorite projects include ones by professors such as John Harte (teaches ER102, take it!), Sofia Villas-Boas (eep142, fair trade and nutrition labels, wha?), and Ethan Ligon (eep100, his project is deceptively cool. If you’re into open source / FLOSS programming, hit him up). If you’re not into climate change or economics, there are a bunch of other cool projects as well. Check it out. Remember for later, if you’re interested in performing your *own* research, this is also a great way to obtain some funding for technical science stuff or buying data, conference fees, and more!

I’m applying in a few hours. Wish me luck, and everyone else too!

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Comments (1)

It's also the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association (SPUR)

Posted by Timothy | 2007-09-09

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