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Yesterday we went as a class to Tetiaroa. It's a two-hour boat ride from Moorea. Here's a map of the Tetiaroa atolls:

I didn't take my camera with me for the trip, since they warned us in advance that we wouldn't be able to keep our bags dry. So, all of the photos in this particular entry have come from travel and dive websites, which are cited at the end of the journal entry.

Why weren't we able to keep our bags dry? The only way to access the island is by little French Polynesian fishing boats (Yes, the map indicates that there's a private airport, but it was shut down in 2004). These boats can get within a few feet of the fringing reef. But, oh, um... the ocean floor is about 30 feet deep at that point, and we had to jump into the water from the boat, swim 15 feet to the coral ridge crest (2 ft. under water still), and walk 100 meters to the shore, along the tops of reefs and between, sometimes in knee-deep water, sometimes in neck-deep water, the whole time dodging stone fish, diadema sea urchins, sea cucumbers, and fire coral.

It's worth it, though!!!

These low little motus are essentially untouched by man (the only hotel was shut down in 2004), with shockingly crystal-like water, mild currents, waters rich with rays, little reef sharks, rich varieties of coral, a rainbow of fish, and the nesting region of blue-footed boobies, and many other birds.

Incredible just doesn't seem to describe it thoroughly enough.

Photos are from these sites:

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Wow! those photos are truely inspirational! That place really looks like paradise - those beaches are amazing. Why was the hotel shut down? What a shame - I´d consider booking my flight tomorrow! I´ll have to write about Tetiaroa asap. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Posted by Tom | 2007-11-18

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