September 6, 2007 2:00 PM

Whee! College!

For everyone who is new here…

The first few weeks of college experience are often a rush of excitement. Then things settle down and reality kicks in. That’s when you are vulnerable to the blues. No place is perfect, not even the wonderful Berkeley, and little things can begin to nag -- maybe tensions with a roommate, an unhelpful professor or GSI, or bureaucratic problems with scheduling or financial aid that don’t seem to get resolved quickly. I’m not saying any of these will happen, but you should not be surprised if something does. You can miss your parents, your old friends, home-cooked food, everything you would have enjoyed if you are still at home! But do give both Cal and yourself a chance, as you try to meet people, make new friends, establish connections and build your network. And then, with your developed resilience and new maturity from leaving home and entering college, get over the first semester and continue maturing until you become the individual/adult you had come in wanting to be.

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