September 6, 2007 1:34 PM

When Bio 1B gets together with Chem 3A...

Since I am taking Biology 1B and Chemistry 3A this semester, I have 8AM class every single day. Even though I am not a morning person, but it is not that bad as most people would think.

First, since I wake up about the same time every morning, there is no need to adjust the alarm several times throughout the week. I have one of those alarm clock radios, where the hour is in 12-hour format. So when setting my alarm, it is easy to mess up with the AM and PM. And I remember last year, I often set the alarm to 9PM when I needed it to be at 9AM.

Second, because of my 8AM classes, I have to go to bed before midnight so that I don’t wake up in a cranky mood. Yay! No more staying up late at night for me, which in turn requires better time management in the daytime.

Oh, at last, one highlight from my Chem 3A professor: “For those of you who are interested in videotaping or film-making, you may want to consider making a film out of this class and naming it ‘The Berkeley OC – organic chemistry at Berkeley’ ”.

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Comments (3)

I almost wish that I had classes at 8:00...or 9:00 at least! I miss my early and nicely put together schedules. These days I have classes scattered all over. I have Stats at MWF 3-4 :-X!

Posted by Juan | 2007-09-06

I had one semester of three lecture classes in a row at 9:00, 10:00, and 11:00, on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I made it to the 11:00 class once the whole semester - I just couldn't sit and take notes every day for three straight hours. But I did like getting up on time every day, albeit going to class in my pajamas every once in a while...

Posted by Eva St. Clair | 2007-09-07

Would you recommend taking Bio 1B and Chem 3A together? How hard is the work load? Are you able to manage your time well? I was thinking about taking them both next (spring) semester. Thanks

Posted by SK | 2009-10-01

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