30 October 2007

Places to Eat!

So everyone here has to eat right? I personally love food! I thought I would post some of my favorite places that I've eaten at in Berkeley. Gregoire- Very very good French take out in gourmet ghetto I recommend going for lunch because thats when it's cheaper. Cha'am- Thai place along Shattuck, one of the best Thai places in Berkeley. Bread Garden- My favorite bakery, up near the Claremont, I've been eating delicous pastries from here since I was in my mom's belly. Seabreeze- Small market/takeout restaurant at the end of University along before the pier. Amazing fish and chips! Inermezzio- Great cheap sandwhiches and soup with plenty of vegetarian options on Telegraph. Cash only.

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28 October 2007

midterms season...it's not even the middle of the freaking term!

Midterms...oh silly midterms...why must you be such a pain in the @$#???!! I mean out of all the weeks possible is it really necessary to insist on ruining my life by making four of my hardest midterms in the same week? Must there be one on Monday, Two on Wednesday and one on Thursday? And to top it off it's all during halloween...I can't even go out the weekend before or week of...I mean come on give me a break will you cal? So if you don't hear from me ever again...know that I probably gave up and decided to join the hundreds on the corners of telegraph asking for spare change to buy myself a hot dog...

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24 October 2007


One disadvantage of studying abroad is that I have no resistance to their diseases. I've never been sick this often in my life. My entire Japanese class (minus the teacher) has been sick at least once in the past two months. We have a test tomorrow and we were trying to think of ways to get our professor sick...but since our Japanese class is taught by 6 different professors...we decided that it would be too difficult to get all 6 sick by tomorrow. ;) mwahahah.

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22 October 2007

I love sunny days at Cal!

Yes I do love when the sun shines, but especially when I'm at Cal...why? Because I can read outside on our beautiful campus. Yes with all of the stress of school it is so important to go outside and enjoy some fresh air. On the topic of stress here at this amazing school...where do I stand in my happiness here so far? Well the work load and reading is high, but that’s expected. However I do think it is manageable and worth it. Some of my friends who have been burning out it seems to be from only doing school work 24/7...seriously people it's OK to take a break and go for a quick walk up in Tilden (my favorite hiking area). Learning when to take a break before I feel overwhelmed has really helped me with my studies this semester.

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22 October 2007

NWM- 26.2 reasons we had a love/hate relationship

This past October 21st, my roommate Jane and I set out to do something most people would never want to do - run a Marathon. Yes, i know, people train for weeks, months, and maybe even years. Since I was in Spain for most of the summer, training didn't really start until the beginning of the semester. The Nike Women's Marathon is a race in San Francisco whose proceeds benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. (1) Race day was pretty crazy, there were thousands of people, mostly the women runners and their supporters lining Union Square in San Francisco. The race "Start" was on post between Saks and Nike and right in front of Williams Sonoma. The race officially started at 7am but there were so many people running the race that we didn't get our start until about 7:35 or so. It was pretty crazy, the race course was 26.2 miles, which is actually larger than San Francisco! It was actually still dark when we got there, {actually we had to get up at 4:30 in order to get there on time} and the sun started coming out once we were finally at the start line. (2) Photobucket

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20 October 2007

If anyone wants to know how exactly Berkeley does their admissions process...

This is quite a long read but I think it is interesting. Hout_Report.pdf BERKELEY'S COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW METHOD FOR MAKING FRESHMAN ADMISSIONS DECISIONS: AN ASSESSMENT By Michael Hout Professor of Sociology University of California, Berkeley

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20 October 2007

Just My $0.02

Having heard so many people complaining how academically stressed they are, I would like to give my two cents here. Almost everyone here did very well in either high school or community college. So personally, I think it’s good to realize that you are not always the best, and there is always someone who can do just a little better than you can. Of course, that does not mean you should give up, you should just put in more work and not get upset if you don’t get the grades you want. Also, if you think it is hard, you will certainly make it harder. So the best thing to do is to keep trying and don’t worry so much about the results. And do realize you are not only studying here, but also living here. So go out and do something! Look for posting on the board in different buildings or at Sproul Plaza. Check out a theater class or one or one of those really cool DeCals, even if you are not good at it. And remember, you will not be at Cal forever. Do not constantly think “OMG, I still have to suffer through 3 years of this!” Time goes by much more quickly than you realize, and college is probably the best time you will have in your entire life! Be strong and prove to yourself that you can do it!

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20 October 2007

Botanical Garden!!!

Instead of sitting there and completing a ten page long worksheets, I actually had a field trip to the Botanical Garden for this week’s Biology 1B Lab. To learn some of California’s unique plant communities and the species that they contain, we visited the Alpine Fellfield Community, the Vernal Pool Community, the Chaparral Community, the Serpentine Community and the Redwood Forest Community. (I won’t bore you with the details on the plants belonging to these communities cope with their environment.) Even though it was raining the whole time, I still enjoyed it a lot. I strongly encourage all of you to pay a visit there sometime. It is free for students with an ID and you can ride the Hillside Line at Heart Mining Circle. If it is raining, the ticket window would give plastic raincoat for FREE!

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20 October 2007

Midterms and Tele-BEARS

Did you ever notice that Tele-BEARS begins right in the middle of midterms? After you finish your next midterm, you may to want start planning for next semester’s classes – if you haven’t already. I remember my first year of college when I picked out classes based upon when they were scheduled, so I could wake up at 11am. For my second semester, it seemed half of my classes were already picked for me.. and by my sophomore year, all my classes were determined by (1st) the curriculum and (2nd) the professor teaching. It’s my personal opinion that quality of the professor teaching is the most important criteria next to the topics covered in the class – that is, if you have an option to choose. You will be spending a whole semester with them so you better enjoy the lectures!

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19 October 2007

Planning your Future...

Hey! So, this is an extension on the Scheduling Nightmare entries, but I didn't want to title it Scheduling Nightmare III since the nightmare has long past... Anyways, I've been trying to plan out my future semesters at Berkeley. I went in to see Marjorie (the awesome Microbial Biology advisor) yesterday, and she helped me plan part of my schedule...which classes to take...when to take those classes...

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19 October 2007


I seriously feel like I have midterms every two weeks.. it just doesn't stop. Anyway good advice is to not go into the exam room thinking its hard .Cus if you do, you end up analyzing the questions too much and end up getting the wrong answer because you thought too hard. If you just go in with confidence, then it's a lot simpler. Or this could just be a psychological thing. Besides suffocating midterms, going out to join clubs and seeking other resources around campus helps establish connections with new people and definitely makes Berkeley seem a lot smaller and less like a huge maze. Anyyway gooood luuch on midterms, and don't forget to relax afterwards:)

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17 October 2007

ICU Japan Questions

The Study Abroad Office asked me to answer some questions for Cal guy interested...so here are my answers just in case you were interested. 1. How intense was the school's Japanese language program? 2. How effective was it? (were you able to speak at the native level by the time you returned home? Could you read books, watch tv, etc. How proficient did you become in Japanese? 3. What level of Japanese did you take at UC Berkeley before studying abroad. I'm currently a Junior (Molecular Toxicology Major) studying at ICU for the year. The Japanese Language Program (JLP) can be quite intensive. There's a required summer program that is about 3.5 hrs a day 5 days a week. It was fast but doable. It's the "normal" JLP classes squeezed into 7 weeks. During the normal year, there's a "normal" JLP class (12 hours/week) and an "intensive" JLP class. Intensive is.. really intensive at 4 sessions of 70 min classes a day 5 days a week (23 hours). It's basically 2 levels of "normal" JLP classes squeezed into one semester. It's recommended that you do not take any additional classes aside from that. I think that one class on top of that is doable. ;) I'm taking Intensive right now. 2&3. I've been in Japan for 3.5 months now. I entered with basically no knowledge of Japanese. I had not taken Japanese at Berkeley. The last time I touched Japanese was in sophomore year of high school where I took one years worth of Japanese at the community college. Living in the school

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16 October 2007

I'm Still Here

Yes, as hard as it is to believe, I am still alive and well. I have not posted here at all since the semester began. I thought that I was too busy to type anything worthwhile, but I realized that I was not as busy as I thought. I just was too lazy to write anything here. May that be a lesson to all of us. I just spent the last hour reorganizing my email inbox. I had let my GMail mailbox fill up to a ridiculous degree, and so had to wade through it to pluck out the relevant, important emails, and dump out the rest. What's worse is that I should be studying for my midterm later today...but I just could not rest until I organized it. As it is, I have whittled down 1000 emails to about 700, and I will take a break until tomorrow. I apologize if this entry appears scatterbrained or ill-planned, for I am (unsuccessfully) multitasking at the moment. I just wanted to check-in and let everyone (anyone?) who reads this blog know that I'm still around, and I will post more frequently (after this week). At the least, let this entry be an encouragement to all those students thinking of entering Berkeley. As prestigious as this university is and as intelligent and talented as its students are, we are still human (mostly), and still fall prey to common human pitfalls, such as lust, greed, and SLOTH.

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15 October 2007

Visiting Laboratory

Today, I visited the laboratory class of Prof. Kobayashi of ICU. It was pretty awesome. They were doing a laboratory on progesterone and its effect on fish sexual behavior. I got to inject progesterone into fish. We watched the bipotential brain of the fish and the spawning behavior. Then, we studied the the fish immunological system each student implanted fish scales from different types of fish and from clones of fish. It's not as easy as it looks. =) Overall, I learned quite of bit from the class. The different teaching style, laboratory layout, and student to teacher interaction was also different. The single professor teaches with two helpers, a GSI and a post-doc. There are about 20 people in the class. The small class size and teacher to student ratio really allows for thinking and questions. The lab report that they were assigned for this lab was unusual in that it was an open ended question, "What follow-up question do you have? Design an experiment: Intro, Purpose, Materials, Procedure." Kobayashi-Sensei said that he wanted to train the students to critically think. I'm glad that I went even though I was dirt tired. Professors at ICU are pretty nice and welcoming. =)

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14 October 2007

Hikin' for Samples

Went in search of my sedge on the 3rd tallest mountain on the island. Found another of the same family, not mine. But then again, we didn't get to the top. We were rained on so hard we had to turn back about 3/4 through the trail. Waterfalls of rain and mud making up the one-mistep-and-you're-dead path, and a kind graduate student named David that was worried about our safety stopped us from continuing. We'll go for it again in a few weeks. Here are some photos of the day:

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12 October 2007

Scheduling Nightmare II

Don't worry. It's not another scheduling nightmare. I'm just responding to Chai's comment about the first 'Scheduling Nightmare.' So, here goes: My spring semester...yes, Telebears scheduling for spring semester is just on the horizon. I think it's around late October. I'm most likely going to take Math 1B, just to continue with the series. I'm not sure if I can get credit for Math 16B if I take it after Math 1A and besides, wouldn't it kinda look bad on your transcipt? I'm probably going to take organic chemistry, 3B/3A...I haven't decided, yet. I also want to get my American Cultures requirement fulfilled

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11 October 2007

It never stops..

The work, the reading, the writing, the studying and so on. It's a continual process for the first day of class to the final. I had a lot of writing work due last week and this week nothing due, however I have a million papers and midterms next week. That means that I'm going to be studying and reading in my "spare time". Although I will say that despite the never ending workload I love it here at Cal. I especially love CNR, for several reasons other than the amazing nap time couches in the lounge.

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10 October 2007

The Darjeeling Limited or I love you, but I'm gonna mace you in the face!

Last night was the coolest thing I've gotten out to do in months. It all starts out last week when I was wandering around the Philosophy department building waiting for a meeting with a graduate student. I looked up at one point and randomly posted on a wall was a free ticket for two to see the Darjeeling Limited! As any Life Aquatic fan would, I grabbed it down and pocketed it at once. "What luck I thought" Only after my GSI meeting did I get to examine my prize more closely. The ticket was not only to see the movie but also to participate with in a Q&A/discussion with the film's director Wes Anderson.

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08 October 2007

DocX converter to Office 97-2003

Tay's Tip of the Day: Zamzar.com will convert Office 2007 file formats (.docx, .pptx, .xlsx) into Office 97-2003 formats. Ever want to download a YouTube video before it get's taken down by Google? Zamzar can also convert YouTube video URLs into video files you can download and save on your computer. If you happen to be an OpenOffice user seeking interoperability with Office 2007 file formats, I recommend Novell's distribution which includes a plug-in that works with Office 2007's Open-XML (docx).

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05 October 2007

Bare Escentuals..

So in high school I was president of every organization/student group I can get my hands on, editor of the yearbook, took 10 classes 2 of which were college courses at the community college, was cheer captain AND maintained a valedictorian status...In college I was taking 16 units and was only part of a sorority yet I couldn't maintain any sort of academic status...therefore I safely assumed that filling in my time with more stuff to do will be beneficial for me because clearly I work better under pressure. So I got my self a job, the first job ever. Since I want to go into reconstructive surgery and I knew I was going to be in school for YEARS and I absolutely love make up I decided being a make up artist would be an amazing job to have so that I can do something I love while I can and work on getting where I want to be at the same time. SO I am now a make up artist more specifically "a beauty ambassador" at Bare Escentuals down university on 4 Street across from Pete's coffee and I LOVE IT. I get to do people make up everyday and literally see their faces light up when they look at the product of my make over. This just confirms how much I love reconstruction...even if it is as simple as filling somone's eye brows or putting a sheer lip gloss to make the lips look bigger...

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04 October 2007

it's almost...

friday!!! wahoo! =] just a few more hours and then I will be over and done with my ancient babylonian seminar, then it's friday, the last schoolday of the week! As I write this, I have a big fat smile on my face because something about the weekend is so therapeutic. and that's nice! but.. ...what exactly do I do during the weekend? As I am writing this, I am beggining to realize that that I just plain...don't do much. I remember at the beginning of the year, I made the conscious decision to not inundate myself in extracirriculars like sports, clubs, jobs, etc. Sure, I considered it perfectly acceptable to join a club here or there that catch my attention, but I wanted to be sure that my studies were my number one priority. Fast forward a month and a half later and I am starting to get the feeling that it worked out all too well.

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04 October 2007


The funny thing is that when I first came across the phrase, Orly, I literally pronounced it "oarlee" instead of how it is supposed to be pronounced, "oh really?" I still think my way is the better way and all the other ways can hit the highway. Buzzah! What is my life like? I know you all want to know. You want to know what is it like to be Jonathan. I know that in your dreams you walk down a lonely beach and look down to the horizon all the dolphins and crying seagulls and you ask yourself in the very bottom of your heart, You know what, I wish I knew what Jonathan's life is like. Well your greatest dreams are about to be fulfilled! You are about to know what my life is like. So in the morning I wake up for my 8 o'clock class at around 7:45. I somehow manage to change into some decent clothes and then I stumble out onto campus like that squirrel who got into the bottle of Jack Daniels. Then I go to class. I listen to the lecture and then I go home. I eat. I sleep again. I do homework and I study. So I bet you are asking yourself, so Jonathan what do you do that makes you happy? Your life seems so bleak! Well let me explain to you what makes me happy. It's the little things that makes me happy. I like it when I go home and I see that someone's taken out the trash. I like it when I catch the street lights going my way. I like it when I meet someone and they're already waiting for me instead of me waiting for them. I LOVE it when I walk down the street in socks I just washed. I think I enjoy all the little things in life but my friends say I'm just easy to please. What are my plans for this semester? This semester I am applying to Haas. Then maybe next year I shall study abroad. Haha. My friend said that once and it realized to me something funny. Study ... a ... broad! I thought it was hilarious. My friend thought I was a weirdo. Aish, maybe I am kinda out of there. Ah! Poppycock! Alright. Jonathan has class. Jonathan will talk and write again down the line. Jonathan knows that y'all will wait for Jonathan right? Jonathan happy.

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04 October 2007

Growing dogs in flower pots

on another note, it seems that my adorably sleepy, lazy, fat bulldog, Yoda found a new bed in our backyard. (all on his own!) how precious. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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04 October 2007

What? We've been in school for six weeks?

Six Weeks! (well now, it's a little closer to 7!) Of course, like many of you, I have NO idea where the time has gone. Let me try to recap: eighteen units, a staff position in one of the recruitment and retention centers, tutoring in San Francisco, facilitating a field studies course, and working. Just the typical life of a college student I suppose. Hmmm, as I sit here rolling my eyes and sense a little queasy feeling sink into my stomach I realize just how much that sounds like now that I put it out as a laundry list! As busy as it all seems, I am enjoying every moment of it! Now to the breakdown of things My courses. SO, I am taking two public policy classes: the introductory class and a negotiations class, a class on environmental justice, an agroecology class, and an education class on literacy: individual and societal development. Classes alone are keeping me quite busy with the hands on work, service-learning components, and all the readings. I am actually on campus on Thursdays from 9:30am to 9pm, it's a good thing I have breaks inbetween classes or I don't know how i would survive. Through PASS, Pilipino Academic Student Services, I serve as the assistant director of internal affairs, which in normal people's words would simply mean that I am in charge the behind the scenes component of the organization and also have the privilege of running the internship program and facilitating the Asian American Studies field studies course. This is a lot of fun because I get to hold my own meetings and work with Cal students towards understanding educational policies, developing leadership skills, and talking about topics that shape students today. At our last meeting this past Tuesday we went a little bit into the the Dream Act and current issues/stories in the media that point to inequality, assumptions, and racism/intolerance/discrimination that still exist in the world today. This included CNN footage about English in the United States, comments from Tom Tancredo (a presidential hopeful), and a comment on Desperate Housewives when Teri Hatcher's character had been told some news by a doctor and replied: “Can I just check those diplomas because I just want to make sure that they are not from some med school in the Philippines?” It was a good discussion and will continue into our next meeting. :) I am also tutoring at the first bilingual Tagalog-English after-school program in San Francisco at the Filipino Education Center with students ranging in age from kindergarten to middle school. The students are so adorable and so intelligent, they have a lot of potential, hopefully we can help them realize it! Then there's the YMCA, where I work and coach. Right now I'm only teaching two classes. One is a Parent/Child 3/4 year old soccer class and the other is a 4/5/6 year old soccer class. I can probably tell you more about this in another entry. They're adorable too! The best part is that even though our miniature soccer goals are 5-10times the size of some of these kids they always impress you with their power kicks, dribbling, and goals. Yes Life has been pretty busy, but so much fun! I'm definitely loving it.

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02 October 2007

How I love the Baseball Team

I joined the baseball team at International Christian University - Japan as a manager. In Japanese clubs, managers are the girls who pick up the balls, clean the equipment, do odd jobs, and perform first aid. What's nice is that one of the players actually lived in my hometown for a few years. =) Anyways, today the university was getting a head count of all the players so everyone showed up. Since the equipment was out already, they started playing catch, practicing swinging, and helping to scrape the field. The thing is that everyone came from different places. First you have the people who were practicing earlier in their baseball uniforms. Then there were the people who just came from job interviews wearing their suits. The people who came from classes were still wearing their trendy clothes (e.g. tight red pants with a rolled up shirt, or the guy with the sports coat and jeans). Their enthusiasm for baseball really showed. It was awesome! Not related to the baseball team, I was able to help a dorm mate check the English translation for a Japanese sex-ed book she was hired to translate. It was pretty interesting and the differences between the Japanese culture and American culture showed. I made a few cultural changes and grammatical changes. It was fun discussing it and learning about the differences. Ex. 1. The Japanese say that there are 10 months of pregnancy. (The lunar calender probably accounts for this difference.) Ex. 2. The penis is drawn the other way up in Japanese sex-ed books.

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01 October 2007

Random Things

One: It takes exactly 3 months to use up a 40 mL bottle of mosquito bite anti-itch medicine. That's plenty of mosquitoes causing me pain in order to reproduce and produce more mosquitoes that will cause me future pain. Irony. Two: The best time to take a shower in the communal girl's shower at International Christian University - Japan 's 1st Women's dorm is between 12:30 A.M. and 1 A.M. That is when the showers are normally full and you are trapped with people that must talk to you. :) It's good practice. When else are you going to talk to people for a full 15 minutes without using your electronic dictionary?

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