October 5, 2007 11:38 AM

Bare Escentuals..

So in high school I was president of every organization/student group I can get my hands on, editor of the yearbook, took 10 classes 2 of which were college courses at the community college, was cheer captain AND maintained a valedictorian status...In college I was taking 16 units and was only part of a sorority yet I couldn't maintain any sort of academic status...therefore I safely assumed that filling in my time with more stuff to do will be beneficial for me because clearly I work better under pressure. So I got my self a job, the first job ever. Since I want to go into reconstructive surgery and I knew I was going to be in school for YEARS and I absolutely love make up I decided being a make up artist would be an amazing job to have so that I can do something I love while I can and work on getting where I want to be at the same time. SO I am now a make up artist more specifically "a beauty ambassador" at Bare Escentuals down university on 4 Street across from Pete's coffee and I LOVE IT. I get to do people make up everyday and literally see their faces light up when they look at the product of my make over. This just confirms how much I love reconstruction...even if it is as simple as filling somone's eye brows or putting a sheer lip gloss to make the lips look bigger...

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