October 2, 2007 3:02 AM

How I love the Baseball Team

I joined the baseball team at International Christian University - Japan as a manager. In Japanese clubs, managers are the girls who pick up the balls, clean the equipment, do odd jobs, and perform first aid. What's nice is that one of the players actually lived in my hometown for a few years. =)
Anyways, today the university was getting a head count of all the players so everyone showed up. Since the equipment was out already, they started playing catch, practicing swinging, and helping to scrape the field. The thing is that everyone came from different places. First you have the people who were practicing earlier in their baseball uniforms. Then there were the people who just came from job interviews wearing their suits. The people who came from classes were still wearing their trendy clothes (e.g. tight red pants with a rolled up shirt, or the guy with the sports coat and jeans). Their enthusiasm for baseball really showed. It was awesome!

Not related to the baseball team, I was able to help a dorm mate check the English translation for a Japanese sex-ed book she was hired to translate. It was pretty interesting and the differences between the Japanese culture and American culture showed. I made a few cultural changes and grammatical changes. It was fun discussing it and learning about the differences. Ex. 1. The Japanese say that there are 10 months of pregnancy. (The lunar calender probably accounts for this difference.) Ex. 2. The penis is drawn the other way up in Japanese sex-ed books.

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Comments (1)

hi kristeen, how are you. well i am also interested about baseball. I am from sri lanka. we are strugelling to develop baseball in sri lanka. can you help us. some of japanese university people are helping us. we have done some good work here. but we still need to start softball for ladies here in sri lanka. do you have experiance in it??? may be you can help us. take care kcees999

Posted by kcees999 | 2007-12-02

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