October 16, 2007 11:46 AM

I'm Still Here

Yes, as hard as it is to believe, I am still alive and well. I have not posted here at all since the semester began. I thought that I was too busy to type anything worthwhile, but I realized that I was not as busy as I thought. I just was too lazy to write anything here. May that be a lesson to all of us.

I just spent the last hour reorganizing my email inbox. I had let my GMail mailbox fill up to a ridiculous degree, and so had to wade through it to pluck out the relevant, important emails, and dump out the rest. What's worse is that I should be studying for my midterm later today...but I just could not rest until I organized it. As it is, I have whittled down 1000 emails to about 700, and I will take a break until tomorrow.

I apologize if this entry appears scatterbrained or ill-planned, for I am (unsuccessfully) multitasking at the moment. I just wanted to check-in and let everyone (anyone?) who reads this blog know that I'm still around, and I will post more frequently (after this week).

At the least, let this entry be an encouragement to all those students thinking of entering Berkeley. As prestigious as this university is and as intelligent and talented as its students are, we are still human (mostly), and still fall prey to common human pitfalls, such as lust, greed, and SLOTH.

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