October 11, 2007 1:13 PM

It never stops..

The work, the reading, the writing, the studying and so on. It's a continual process for the first day of class to the final. I had a lot of writing work due last week and this week nothing due, however I have a million papers and midterms next week. That means that I'm going to be studying and reading in my "spare time". Although I will say that despite the never ending workload I love it here at Cal. I especially love CNR, for several reasons other than the amazing nap time couches in the lounge.

The professors and the students really make this college feel smaller. It's nice to see familiar faces in your classes because most likely you have more than one class with them this semester (or 3 classes with Jessie, 4 classes with Theo, and 2 classes with several other students) or you've had classes in the past with them. Other than me ranting about how much I love to study, it's also so important to go out. San Francisco is only a 10/15 minute drive (and there's bart and the bus for those who weren't lucky enough to bring a car to school with them) and there is always a festival of some kind going on. Last weekend I decided to spend my Friday night studying so I could spend Sunday at Decompression, which is and after burning man festival. But if that isn't your cup of tea there was an Italian heritage festival, 49's game, and music festival happening as well. Even though right now is hectic for everyone doing midterms, it's really important to find some time for yourself, even if it's going on a quick hike/bike ride in Tilden or studying in the rose garden. Oh and I got a B+ on that paper I was talking about in an earlier blog, but it's okay because they drop the lowest score of three essays and you can be assured my GSI and I will be spending office hours making my next paper perfect.

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