October 4, 2007 12:03 PM


The funny thing is that when I first came across the phrase, Orly, I literally pronounced it "oarlee" instead of how it is supposed to be pronounced, "oh really?" I still think my way is the better way and all the other ways can hit the highway. Buzzah!

What is my life like? I know you all want to know. You want to know what is it like to be Jonathan. I know that in your dreams you walk down a lonely beach and look down to the horizon all the dolphins and crying seagulls and you ask yourself in the very bottom of your heart, You know what, I wish I knew what Jonathan's life is like. Well your greatest dreams are about to be fulfilled! You are about to know what my life is like.

So in the morning I wake up for my 8 o'clock class at around 7:45. I somehow manage to change into some decent clothes and then I stumble out onto campus like that squirrel who got into the bottle of Jack Daniels. Then I go to class. I listen to the lecture and then I go home. I eat. I sleep again. I do homework and I study.

So I bet you are asking yourself, so Jonathan what do you do that makes you happy? Your life seems so bleak! Well let me explain to you what makes me happy. It's the little things that makes me happy. I like it when I go home and I see that someone's taken out the trash. I like it when I catch the street lights going my way. I like it when I meet someone and they're already waiting for me instead of me waiting for them. I LOVE it when I walk down the street in socks I just washed. I think I enjoy all the little things in life but my friends say I'm just easy to please.

What are my plans for this semester? This semester I am applying to Haas. Then maybe next year I shall study abroad. Haha. My friend said that once and it realized to me something funny. Study ... a ... broad! I thought it was hilarious. My friend thought I was a weirdo. Aish, maybe I am kinda out of there. Ah! Poppycock! Alright. Jonathan has class. Jonathan will talk and write again down the line. Jonathan knows that y'all will wait for Jonathan right? Jonathan happy.

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Comments (1)

Congrats on applying to Haas, first of all. Second, your post reminded me very much of the movie "Amelie," where she just likes all the little things in life (cracking creme brulee, for example). This is such a nice to way to live your life, I think. I like watering my plants and then noticing an hour later that they've perked up a bit.

Posted by Eva St. Clair | 2007-10-10

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