October 19, 2007 3:02 PM

Planning your Future...


So, this is an extension on the Scheduling Nightmare entries, but I didn't want to title it Scheduling Nightmare III since the nightmare has long past...

Anyways, I've been trying to plan out my future semesters at Berkeley. I went in to see Marjorie (the awesome Microbial Biology advisor) yesterday, and she helped me plan part of my schedule...which classes to take...when to take those classes...

Ooo...little bit of info! Marjorie told me that MCB 102 is probably one of the hardest or the hardest class that microbial biology majors have to take. MCB 102 is Biochem and Molecular Biology and it's an upperdivsion core requirement for other majors as well. If you're premed, most med schools require a year of general chemistry. Berkeley's Chemistry 1A is only one semester...so, MCB 102 is the other semester. So, for those of you who have to take MCB 102, be sure to have some light or fun classes in the semester you take that course!

So, a little bit of info about my goals...while I was planning my schedule to meet the microbial biology major requirements, I started considering doing a double major in molecular toxicology. If you do a double major, only two of the upper division core requirements and electives can overlap. I'm having a hard time deciding which electives to take from each major...they all sound so interesting!! As of now, I really want to take California Mushrooms. It's a lab course that's only 2 units. I also really want to take Food Microbiology. Oh, on a personal note, I love food!

So, if any of you want to give me some advice on which upper division science electives to take, leave a comment!

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Comments (1)

Hi Victoria, I seem to comment a lot on your posts. :) Anyway, it’s always good to think ahead, but also remember that so many things can change really fast because so many opportunities keep popping up. Plus, I wanted to let you know that California Mushrooms is an awesome class! I’m actually taking it right now, and it’s so fun and amazing! We get to go on mushroom collecting trips, one of them being at Redwood National Park. When it’s next offered, definitely take the class!

Posted by Irene | 2007-10-22

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