November 15, 2007 1:10 PM

Almost break...turkey and studying!!!

So far I've officially "survived" Berkeley, and loved it at the same time. It is the #1 public school in the nation; would you expect any less of the workload? I definitely feel like I choose the right school for me. Even when I’m up late at night studying there is a piece of me that feels like I enjoy it because I know that it will only better me for my after college career path. I'm really glad I came into Berkeley with time management skills otherwise I'd feel lost like some other students do. As the weeks pass I feel more comfortable here and begin to see more familiar faces around campus.

I've met some amazing students and friends in my classes, who have been really supportive. I recently lost a friend a few weeks ago, and having the support of other students has been why I was able to pull through last week. I'm really looking forward to thanksgiving so I can eat turkey and get ahead on my reading because most of my finals are the first week of December. My recommendation to people in the same place as me is to get as much as you can done now before your study guides are handed out. For example I'm doing my weekly reviews two weeks ahead of time to reduce my stress finals week. Also RSF has amazing yoga classes to help with stress too!

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Comments (1)

Hi Marissa, i am currently a senior in high school apply to Berkeley and i wanted to let you know that your blogs have been very helpful. With the all the information you have given me about CNR i definitely think that i will apply to that college oppose to letters and science (both of them have the major, environmental economics and policy, im interested in). i also really enjoyed the information on the restaurants. Im going to Gregoire next week! Thank you for your help! Danielle Moultak

Posted by Danielle Moultak | 2007-11-18

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