November 27, 2007 12:04 PM

Back to Berkeley

Back to work - and ready for it.

For those of you who aren't sure what's up, here's the run down:
I'm in IB C158/ ESPM C107 this semester. It's a field course (apply for it in March as a junior!) that involves designing your own biological research experiment from start to finish, and carrying it out in a researcher's heaven: Mo'orea, French Polynesia. You spend the first 3 weeks of the semester on Berkeley campus, learning about the island geology, geography and a little on each of the major ecosystems. Next comes 2 months in Mo'orea, where you turn out a project proposal, carry out all your research, then write a few rough drafts of your paper. You then return to Berkeley, complete a statistical analysis of your data, write a paper to be published in the class's own journal, and participate in a symposium for the projects.

Where am I now? Said goodbye to Mo'orea last week, returned to visit my family in SoCal for Thanksgiving. Now I'm back in Berkeley to work on all the bits and pieces that remain before turning in the final paper and presenting at the symposium.

Feeling motivated since Monday's meeting with professors and classmates. We met at 9am and heard updates on everyone's projects. Most people had just barely made it back to Berkeley in time for the class. The professors discussed various lectures that they'll offer to help us complete our projects. After the big group meeting, the professors spoke briefly individually with those that they felt they could most help, to arrange times to meet. 2 weeks to get done with everything - should be a rush.

Today I met with Dr. Brent Mishler. We went over the statisical methods I should use for my project, and discussed me making a small key to the Cyperaceae found on Mo'orea, and adding to the Moorea digital flora project. We also sorted through my voucher samples. Mainly sedges, but also associated species, like grasses and composites. He'll pass them along to some of the experts in the herbarium to confirm my identifications.

It's great to feel motivated with my project. Seems there's so much to do - GIS modeling, statistics, keying, writing - I hope that I have time for it all!

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