November 20, 2007 9:06 PM

Declaring your major!

I decided I want to declare my major. Doing this will keep me on track because if I have to fill out one more paper about my acadamics I think I might just blow up. My declaration is a little more complicated however because I want a simultaneous degree. This means that I am declaring two majors from two different colleges resulting in two different degrees. I want to double major in Microbial Biology (in CNR) and Arabic (L&S). Although this sounds exciting because I'll be getting a BS for Micro Bio and a BA for Arabic, it is a tad annoying because that means I still have to fulfill L&S's 7 breadth requirements which is a pain in the butt when you are already doing too many classes for two completely different majors. I still have my heart set on this double major though since I entered Berkeley and I still haven't changed my mind (even after 4 midterms in one week and taking chem 3A and B) so I am going to go threw with it. I need to do a few logistical things to accomplish this:

1. I have to declare my major at CNR
2. I have to declare a major at L&S
3. While declaring at L&S I have to apply for a simultaneous degree where both advisors in CNR and L&S must sign my request.

Not too bad surprisingly so I am thrilled to be doing this and I will officially have to declared major effective Spring 2008. I hope this boosts my telebear appointments somehow and make them earlier!! If you have any questions about declaring a major feel free to ask!

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