November 21, 2007 1:39 AM

Do I really want my fingerprint on file in Japan?

According to this article and according to a little slip I received from the emigration officer when I was leaving Japan for a visit to the USA last week, beginning Nov 20th, I will be fingerprinted (and my picture will be entered into a database) every time I enter the country. Frankly, I feel quite...uncomfortable by this prospect. My fingerprints are my own, unique. I don't want them in some database especially since I haven't done anything. Sure, if I forget to turn on my bike light when I'm biking in Japan, take my fingerprint oh police-dude! (True thing. They take your fingerprint because foreigners normally don't have the I.D. stamp with them (hanko)). However, before I've even committed something is a bit... ... ... hum.

In the article, it talks about foreigner visitors to the USA needing to be IDed and photoed. Can anyone verify that? None of my relatives recall going though that, but it has been a long time since any of them visited. Maybe it depends on which country you come from and the Visa requirements?

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Comments (2)

When I traveled to French Polynesia, I had to give them my fingerprints for my student Visa. When I renewed my driver's liscence in the US, I had to give them my thumb print. When I worked for a kid's summer camp in California, they took my fingerprints - some law about everyone who interacts with minors in a professional setting needing fingerprints taken. Never had to deal with giving fingerprints when I was visiting a country for any short length of time. Odd.

Posted by Tina | 2007-11-28

Well if you really think about it. You leave your fingerprints everywhere you go. Just think of it this time as like ... ummm ... leaving them ... on paper ... in ink ... for everyone to see ...

Posted by Jonathan | 2007-12-10

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