November 29, 2007 10:17 AM


I have taken a short vacation from this blog (Not that anybody cared that I was gone) to submit my Haas application. The server crashed this morning at around 5 and I started panicking like no other. I began throwing stuff and pulling at my hair and it sucks because I have been working on that accursed application for weeks and weeks and it just drove me insane.

Not only that I have a 10 page essay in Economics due today and I have to do research for it too. I have been driving myself insane writing it. I would crash in the Moffett Library and just ignore everyone except my essay. While I was writing I realized that I was getting more and more tired and I was getting more and more insane. My hair just got all ugly and I was real Unabomber, Tree People status. I need to take a shower and just return to normalcy. Unfortunately that will not happen for a while.

I still have a final and several essays to complete for my other classes. Sweet jumping squirrels! Sometimes I wonder just why I didn't just drop out of school and repair elevators.

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