November 1, 2007 5:22 AM

Just Hanging

It's been quite fun here in Japan. Last weekend, the "Canada House" (one of the men's dorms) had a "Canada House Ball." I can't believe the effort the guys went into for the dorm. The theme was Indiana Jones...but I didn't see anything vaguely Indiana Jones-ish except for the entrance in.

Here I am with my classmates. All international students.

Over the weekend, I went to celebrate with my Baseball Club because we'd gotten 2nd in our league. Here's part of the team. The team is quite close. Even ex-members continue to come to practice and hang with the rest of us. =)

Then here's the yummy food we had.

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Comments (1)

I'm so jealous! It's great to see all these pictures of everyone and especially the food. Wow, I'm really hungry now.

Posted by Irene | 2007-11-01

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