November 6, 2007 10:24 AM

Midterms! Eek!!!

Hey! I feel like I haven't posted for quite a while. Anyways, everyone up for another round of midterms? I have a Math 1A midterm this thursday and a Chemistry 1A midterm on the Tuesday after Veteran's day. Thank heavens we have a day off!! Has anyone else noticed how rare days off are at Berkeley? I also have a paper due for english and a research paper to write for the class, too. Then, there's also the chemistry research project. I feel like everything's

crashing down right now. K, resolution time! I'll study a bit for math today and tomorrow. Math midterm....then study for Chemistry...I'm really looking forward to the wednesday after the chem midterm...

Oh! Did you guys know that there's a CNR movie night next wednesday? They're showing Ratatouille! So, come watch a movie, eat, and make some friends! It's hosted by the PAL group of CNR.

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