November 18, 2007 11:42 PM

Time Mgmt

I've got a lot of great ideas for blog posts. The obstacle, however, is that these epiphanies usually come when I have lots of work to do. Actually, now that I think about it, I *always* have work to do -- usually with impending deadlines of 1-2 days away. So, how can I make time for all the small stuff -- like blog posting?

My idea is to separate your to-do list in half: one with priorities and deadlines, and the other with all that small stuff you never get around to doing. When you find your brain fried and in need of a break -- pick up your 2nd to-do list and get a cracking! (PS. TeleBEARS phase II is coming… Don’t forget!!!)

Personally, I like to organize my week by the hour with Google calendar. I never really liked it, actually, but I found it essential for time management. I estimate the time each assignment will take, along with the due date and priority. hen I fill up my weekly calendar. I also schedule all of my social activities, and leave some 'break' every day for relaxation (in addition to fun hours). This is a great causal analysis for determining why I got to bed at 3am. Usually, I was assuming assignments would take less time (TeleBEARS is NOT a 10minute task!) -- or I would loose time in between tasks letting my brain rest. After I built up the habit, I've found it stuck with me. I highly recommend it for someone who needs help getting things done. You'll hate it for four months, but within six months you'll be quite amazed -- if you follow through that is. If you have other methods that work well for you, do post them!

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