December 7, 2007 11:46 PM

10 Reasons Why I hate the GRE

#1) No calculator.
#2) $140x2 test fees = $280+TX
#3) $141.67 in used books
#4) Opportunity cost of countless hours of studying.
#5) A Yale study shows the explanatory power of GRE scores is only 1% for graduate psychology students' academic performance (grades, faculty evaluations on students). The correlation for women was NEGATIVE. [1] University of Texas and Blowing Green State University studies indicated that GRE scores were poor indication of graduate performance. [2,3]
#6) Did I mention you can't use a calculator? Why the hell is my ability to multiply and divide large numbers a fair estimation of my preparedness for graduate school?
#7) It's a test of endurance (hint: when you finish a section, don't hit continue and you'll get an extra break).
#8) ETS has added two questions types, but don’t incorporate them into the practice tests.
#9) ETS no longer tells you if you’re taking an experimental section or if it’s real. Sure, it’s great for their testing, but last time I got two quantitative tests. If the second one was the last test (which it was), and if it was real, then I was at a further disadvantage after 3.15hrs of prior testing.
#10) I'll still need to take the GMAT later. A great example of how a one-product monopoly can provide greater customer surplus than an uber-lame oligopoly. However, even if GMAC and ETS merged, I bet the tests would be kept separate :(
#11) You are videotaped, and your fingerprints are taken.

[1] Sternberg, R. & Williams, W. (1997). Does the Graduate Record Examination Predict Meaningful Success in the Graduate Training of Psychologists? American Psychologist, v. 52 (no. 6), pp. 630-641.
[2] Milner, M., McNeil, J. & King, S.W. (1984). The GRE: A Question of Validity in Predicting Performance in Professional Schools of Social Work. Educational and Psychological Measurement, vol. 44, pp. 945-950.
[3] Onasch, C. (1994). "Undergraduate Grade Point Average and Graduate Record Exam Scores as Predictors of Length of Enrollment in Completing a Mater of Science Degree." ERIC Document No. 375 739.

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Comments (2)

wait.. why are there 11 reasons?

Posted by jennifer | 2008-02-25

I repeated one once. It's not as bad as I made it out to be. But if I didn't get into Cornell, I might not bother posting this reply in an apologetic tone..

Posted by Tay | 2008-02-25

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