December 29, 2007 11:59 AM

12/04/07 - A paper, lateness, and a ticket

Once again, the week before finals turned out to be pretty eventful. It was a Tuesday; Tuesdays were usually pretty good days, since they were short (lol). I had a class from 10-11 and then 11-12:30. I had a paper due for my first class but didn't start writing it 'till the morning of (lol). It was just a short assignment--a 2 pager. (This was a pass/no pass class btw). Making the decision to procrastinate was quite easy. I had had more important assignments to take care of and pushing this one back was a "no-brainer." I figured that I'd just write "crap" and get a C or something just to get it done since this was a pass/no pass.

So as I was writing the paper, as always, I couldn't just write crap. I'm not sure if that's a good characteristic or not...but I've never been able to be satisfied with that type of effort (especially in my writing), though some might use this blog as an argument against that statement (lol).
Anyway. Class started at 10 and I didn't leave my house 'till around 10 (I live up the 24 and it takes me about 30 minutes to get to class). I ended up being late but I didn't care about that. I finished the paper and was satisfied with it. Since I drove that day I needed to find a parking spot. I usually try to park along Hearst when I can. I found a 24 minute spot, and since I was late (and class would be over in about 25 min) I took it. So class was fine. I turned in the paper and everything (it was the last meeting of the semester). In my hurry (I guess), I forgot about my car, and when this class was over, without thinking, I headed over to my next class. It wasn't until later (around 12:00) that I realized my car was still parking in a 24 minute spot!! I hustled, ran, and breathed heavy...but when I got to my car, the officer was just printing me out a hot copy of:

Click below. Picture opens in new window/tab.

Anyway, I just kind of laughed about it, since I had been in the spot for an hour and a half. I didn't just leave my car though. I actually moved it. I went back to class and listened to the last 10 minutes and then went back to my car and back home.
I actually had forgotten about this incident (well, having to pay for it) until recently. Luckily, if you're ever lucky enough to get one of these, you can pay it online at:
You do have the option of paying in person or mailing in your payment. You had 21 days to pay it. The exact line is: "Payment must be received within 21 days to avoid penalties and possible hold on your DMV registration renewal." My fine was $30. Thirty dollars for parking...*sigh* lol.

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